• When: 13th to 17th March, Final Registration date: 4th of March, 2023
  • Where: Bhumika Hall

Playshop, Practices, Training
In a full week’s program, an invited group of professional singers, and voice and vocal yoga practitioners will facilitate the opening and explorations of the natural voice aiming at the authenticity of natural self-expression. At the same time, techniques and practices will be shared and exercised to harness the full potential of the individual voice.
Topics that we will explore:
• Nada Yoga
• Vocal improvisation and Integration
• Introduction to Indian Classical Music.
• Anatomy of the voice
• Conscious Breath and Voice
• Healing Singing Circle
• Song Catching
• Harmonic Singing
• Voice Analysis
• Vocal Yoga
• Choir Introduction
• Spontaneous Singing Circle

For registration, please contact: