1. Bansuri Classes (In the Hindustani Classical Style)
  • When: 3-4pm, Mon, Wed, Fri at Svaram
  • Registration: WhatsApp – 8056728078, email: sarthaksvaram@gmail.com

2. Sonorium Wellness Training 2021

“Sonorium Wellness Training“ introduces the participants how to approach and play the instruments, and how to work with clients for their well-being.

In a concentrated one week training course the participants will learn about: –

  • Principles of Sound Healing
  • Concept of the Sonorium set up in total and its components
  • Diverse instruments, playing, tuning and technicalities
  • Musical foundation, harmony, dissonance and resonance
  • Working with clients, the Therapeutic Context
  • The Art of Touch
  • Intuition, subtle perception, awareness
  • Ethics, aesthetics, values and pragmatics

The learning process includes theory and practical lessons, exercises, and self practise. A minimum one year prior experience in the yoga/wellness sector is a prerequisite.

This is an introduction course, Level 1.

To become a certified Sound Wellness Practitioner requires apprentice practises in super- vision and continuing consultancy with the trainers.