Your Mental Health Is Essential…

Have you experienced loss, grief, isolation due to cir-
cumstances of the past year?
Have you been anxious, nervous, worrying excessively?
Have you lost interest and pleasure in things you previ-
ously enjoyed?

Art Heals weaves the healing powers of the Creative Arts Therapies, With the aspects of Mental Health First Aid, which promote safety, trust and comfort, teaching skills and tools which foster resilience needed to nurture, Your Own Mental Health, during stressful situations and life in general.

2021/22 Schedule of Intensive, Residential Retreat:

  • 7, 8, 9 January 2022, 6pm Friday – 6pm Sunday (Level 1)
  • 28, 29, 30 January 2022, 6pm Friday – 6pm Sunday (Level 1)
  • 11, 12, 13 February 2022, 6pm Friday – 6pm Sunday (Level 1)
  • 5, 6, 7 March 2022, 6pm Friday – 6pm Sunday (Level 2)
  • Where: Pavilion Of Tibetan Culture, Auroville
  • Registration With Eventbrite


(1) Beginning the journey. Must take first.
(2) Deepening the journey. Begins 2022

Facilitated by Tia Pleiman, MA, ATR, NCC, LPCC

Tia is a registered trauma-informed art therapist and clinical mental health counselor, focusing her work on Community Mental Health.