THINK n’ TINKER is a series of Science Edutainment Workshops, organized by the Goethe-Institut / Max Mueller Bhavan Chennai, for school students focusing on various ways for children to stay curious and active at home by exploring their surroundings and asking questions. These workshops are available for 3 different age groups.

Key aspects of the workshop are:
👉 Scientific Investigation
👉 Creative Exploration
👉 Fun Challenges
👉 Hands-on Activities
👉 Interactive Sessions


Yoshida Menon completed her Post Graduation in Physics, trained in mid-range computing systems and worked as a software analyst, developing and implementing supply chain solutions in the US and UK for 10 years. She later joined the school system and took roles teaching Computer Science and collaborating with schools across the World as part of global school partnership programmes. She is passionate about equipping students of today with the skills to enrich their lives and adopt sustainable lifestyles in an increasingly globalized world. Currently, she works with schools, NGOs and institutions on Education for Sustainability initiatives that bring together subject experts, teachers, students and the local community. Her work has included managing school programs that focused on translating the UN Sustainable Development Goals into the curriculum. She has also worked with an international organization on a programme for school children that aimed to develop an attitude of respect, the ability to keep an open mind and engage in dialogue as a means of conflict resolution.

Preveena Nandakumar is an architect and a glass designer by profession who has always tried to find ways to reclaim renovate and re-imagine spaces and materials. She started her career as an architect in Bangalore and worked on a variety of projects including the Tsunami rehabilitation project in Puducherry. She has a keen interest in renovation projects trying to add value to existing structures. She was part of a study, analysis and execution of a sustainable Earth Dome construction in Auroville along with a team of Architects. After moving to London, she took a Diploma in Art & Design (Glass) and produced glass works using various methods like Casting, Kiln-forming and Pate De Verre. It is her strong endeavour to use recycled glass in her projects to elevate them into beautiful art pieces. Currently, she is continuing her work in the medium of glass and is undertaking freelance design projects. Preveena has always strived to be an advocate for sustainable living. She believes that all of us have a moral responsibility to inspire the next generation to care about our planet, to equip them to take action to protect it and build a more sustainable future.