• When: 3rd & 4th March
  • Where: Online

From the ‘Zone’ there is no escape for anyone with a sense of self-esteem and an acute, self-questioning conscience. The brilliance of Ceylan has explored the horror of banality, the violence of meaninglessness, the burden of the homogeneous empty secular time. Through the gradual and incremental collective reading of this great example of ‘slow cinema’, the course would locate the core of gray, barren, maleness, being symptomatic of an all encompassing yet invisible statehood, not really as a political entity outside the ‘self’, but an entity corroding the boundary of the philosophical autonomy of the ‘self’.
Join Deb Kamal Ganguly’s Weekend Session :
Film-Philosophy with “Once upon a time in Anatolia”
3rd & 4th March_Online
@Auroville Film Institute
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