• When – 9am to 12pm, 15-19 April, 2022

Four amazing potters from Auroville are coming together and inviting you to explore different hand-building and surface decorating techniques. In just four days you will get an insight of the practice and build some new skills. The good part about this course is a possibility to dive into pottery without prior experience. Many professions and hobbies revolve around this calming and liberating practice. Explore your creativity while you discover the unknown with the guidance of highly skilled potters in Auroville. Pottery helps you with self-identification, self-expression, bolstering confidence and being meticulous. When you think of pottery, you might automatically think of ceramics made on a potter’s wheel. However, a lot of lovely pottery is hand-built, without a wheel and this is what we will learn here.  Compared to the wheel building technique, hand-building pottery processing is way easier for a beginner. You will be encouraged to be creative and adapt all the learned methods to suit your style. It is an exploration of the unknown with guidance from experienced teachers and facilitators. 

Bisque firing is not included.


For anyone who is fascinated by the mystery of pottery and clay, this course is a best fit. The maximum number of participants for each day is 6.

Join us now using the link below.