Explore the art of Dhrupad music in another workshop with Dhrupad Retreat at A Sunlit Path from December 9-11. Join the Retreat for a three day immersion into the meditative and healing vibrations of Dhrupad music! We’ll have a mix of vocal classes, active listening sessions, kharaj practice, question and answer sessions, exploration of nada yoga as a way to connect to the self as well as private classes with Niloy for those that wish to dive deeper into their musical journey.

  • Location: A Sunlit Path
  • To Register Contact: 8870988843
  • Accommodation: available at A Sunlit Path
  • This retreat is open to those from all backgrounds. While prior training in music and/ or yoga can be useful, it is not a prerequisite. 

    Niloy Ahsan (@dhrupad_niloy) is an exceptional Dhrupad vocalist in the Dagar lineage. For Niloy, music is a play of Prana, an exploration of the sound within, and the practice of Dhrupad is a path to self-awareness. Read Niloy’s full bio at: https://www.asunlitpath.org/n̤i̤l̤o̤y̤