• When: Dance: 10:30-11:45 am, Film: 12:00-1:00 pm, 22-26 November 2021
  • Where: New Creation Dance Studio, Auroville
  • Open to anyone aged 14 years upwards
  • Fees: Do the full workshop: Aurovilian: IN 1200, Guest: INR 2200. Drop in for a day: Aurovilian: INR 300, Guest: INR 500
  • Registrations: WhatsApp 9971851782 or 9840700567

About the workshop
We are keen on creating space for play, discovery, and dialogue. Over these five days, we invite you to be in conversation with your breath, skeletal structure, and musculature. Using structured exercises, danced sequences,
and improvisation, can we then observe – and enjoy – the way
we interact with our whole selves and our surroundings?
How can we film people – friends, acquaintances, strangers
ethically and playfully? Can we remain aware of our bodies and
theirs, and of our emotions and theirs? What effect does the
presence of the camera have? Through image-making and
storytelling, can we go beyond habit and consciously explore
the possibilities of creative choice?
We will also screen a series of short dance films by 206 Dance
Collective. Entry for this screening is open to all.

Please bring

  • a fully charged camera with enough space to film about 20
    minutes of video (you can use any camera that you can
    access, including and especially mobile phone cameras)
  • a couple of paperback books to use as support in a
    directed lying-down practice
  • a notebook and pen

About the facilitators

Anishaa is a dancer, writer, and editor. Her practice is fuelled by
the quest for continuous psychophysical unity. Anishaa’s most
recent work, The Length of a Sneeze (2020), is a dance film that
explores ego death through dance and the mundane, everyday
self. She is one of four members of 206 Dance Collective and a
teacher trainee of the Alexander Technique.

Anushka is most interested in spaces that allow for creating with
a sense of play, and in friendships and collaborations that
transform over vears. Her last feature film, Up Down &
Sideways (2017), is about music, community, and rice farming in
Phek, Nagaland. She works with the performance collective,