Integral yoga is a path of freedom emphasizing individual needs and differences, with few universal recommendations. Yet, there are rare exceptions that Sri Aurobindo advised all to attain for safety and success in yoga. One of these is the ‘double foundation’ of establishing a wide peace and calm, and the decisive bringing forward of the psychic.  Indeed, one can wander for years and even decades, without making any real lasting progress if we do not carefully and diligently build this strong double foundation. 

The session will consist of a study of Sri Aurobindo’s ‘Letters on Yoga’ led by Jared Quek followed by a mantra chanting session for Peace facilitated by Vladimir.

‘If you keep the wideness and calm and also the love for the Mother in the heart, then all is safe, for it means the double foundation of the yoga: the descent of the higher consciousness with its peace, freedom and serenity from above and the openness of the psychic which keeps all the effort or all the spontaneous movement turned towards the true goal.’ – Sri Aurobindo