Strategic Management in the Art of Theatre (SMART)
in partnership with India Foundation for the Arts (IFA), supported by Goethe-Institut / Max-Mueller Bhavan New Delhi Presents:

In The Round #5: Experiment, a series of conversations on creativity, culture and context

Lapdiang SyiemMallika TanejaMohit Takalkar & Vivek Madan
in conversation with Neel Chaudhuri

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic and the shutting down of performance spaces, theatre makers in India entered an indefinite period of limbo. The theatre now needed to respond to a challenge to its most fundamental and ritualistic relationship – that between the performer and the gathered audience. Across the country, practitioners committed themselves to finding ways to innovate and adapt, to build and share work for digital platforms.

How have these experiments re-configured and re-imagined the space of the theatre for a remote audience? How have they grappled with the expectation of liveness, intimacy and immediacy in performance? Can the theatre make its audience excited about the technology that has now become quotidian in our daily experience

Join us in conversation with four artists who will share their diverse experiences of building and performing theatre in the pandemic, to be shared digitally: Lapdiang Syiem (Shillong), whose interactive piece Ngan hiar sha Wah (I’m going down to the River) was a part of the Refunction Festival 2021; Mallika Taneja (Delhi), whose production Allegedly recently received the ZKB Patronage Prize at the Zurich Theatrespektakel; Mohit Takalkar (Pune), who staged and filmed The Colour of Loss, an adaptation of The White Book by Han Kang; and Vivek Madan (Bangalore), who has performed in QTP’s Every Brilliant Thing, a solo stage production that adapted itself for audiences online in 2020.

Strategic Management in the Art of Theatre (SMART) is India’s first programme for theatre practitioners that aims to build knowledge, skills and expertise about arts management from within the Indian theatre community.