VisitorsCentre_featureThe Visitor’s Centre complex includes an outdoor stage with terraced sitting space and various other audience opportunities around it. It is primarily used for dance-, theatre- and music performances but also for poetry reading, fashion shows, milongas, etc…






outdoor stage area size: 8m x 10m
seating capacity: 100 sitting + 150 standing,
equipment like lights or sound system etc. cannot be provided and need to be brought
amenities: Cafe restaurant, public toilets, handicapped access

There is also a video room available in the evenings, useful when it rains.

seating capacity: 100
projector and sound available.

The garden and grounds have been used a few times for music festival, capoeira etc… and the little amphitheater near Dreamer’s Cafe is also available for smaller events that require tables.

phone: +91 (0)413 262 2248
e-mail: nicole [at]