What is Kolam Yoga?

The word Kolam comes from the Old Tamil and Sanskrit root
Ko meaning ‘rising ascending, to aspire and breath in. In Tamil language Ko stands for ‘a cosmic influencer on all living beings of Bhumidevi; Mother Earth.
Lam meaning Muladhara Chakra that sits at the base of our spine, a descent, into matter, breathing out and exhaling.
Kolam word meaning could be ‘the descent of an Aspiration’ or ‘the manifestation in matter of an ascending aspiration’. In todays perception the word Kolam signifies Beauty.

The word ‘Yoga’ comes from the Sanskrit root ‘Yu’ which means, to add, to attach, to join, to yoke or to unite’. In a broader sense, it takes on the meaning of ‘employment, to put to use’, ‘application of’, ‘to harness’ and even ‘performance’.

When combined with the word Kolam, Yoga could mean a Kolam method or a Kolam connection, Kolam application, union of Kolam, or, Kolam union; ‘Union with the supreme’. Due to performing a Kolam practice in every day life. Yujir Yoga ‘To yoke’ to Harness the Kolam Yuj samadhau ‘To concentrate’ Kolam concentration or concentrate Kolam. I leave it now up to you to choose its meaning.