two poems by Rod Hemsell

lotus-sacre-nelumbo-nucifera-01I sat within the lotus today,
its petals were perfectly pink and white,
its pillars stood in their fathomless glow
supporting the hemisphere of heaven;
one could see the form of the Idea
engendering the body of Time,
swirling into birth from the silence,
filling our lives with grace and beauty sublime.


Rod Hemsell




concealment_crossing copyThe Concealment

Nature is a repetition of forms
A collocation of frames and words
Striving to be free
As they populate the spaces
Of themselves, ready as leaves
To tremble and fall,
Ready as branches
To bend and sway,
Yet constrained in their presence
To take their stand,
To be more than they appear
To mean more than they can say;
Manifold, unmoving, and still
They unify the relational field:
This oneness of difference,
This stillness and change,
Hides its defiant discourse
In a radiant golden calm,
While planning its secret subversion
And spreading its silent revolution,
Her apparent inhibition is a ruse;
Nature’s silence surrounds a fuse,
Awaiting the lightning of intention
To ignite the flame and release the cry
Of liberation, consciousness, and a new creation.


Rod Hemsell

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