The Luis Valtueña International Humanitarian Photography Award, granted by Médicos del Mundo Spain recognizes the work of professional photographers who, through their images, denounce inequities, injustices and abuses, or testify to the situations that propitiate them or that fight.

By giving this prize the proper name of the photographer and cooperator Luis Valtueña, tribute is paid to his memory and that of three other cooperating members of the association who were murdered in Rwanda (1997) and in Bosnia (1995) when they were carrying out actions humanitarian

This award also wants to highlight human values and evidence all kinds of violations of people’s rights. Doctors of the World is firmly committed to documentary photography to raise awareness among the general public and promote social mobilization, in order to contribute to the eradication of the worst of diseases: injustice.



July 10, 2019

Opening of the call

November 8, 2019

Closure of the call

November 11 and 12, 2019

Correction of errors

January, 2020

Award presentation and exhibition opening


1 / Participants

Photographers and photographers of any nationality, of legal age and related to the documentary approach, may participate.

The workers of Doctors of the World, nor their relatives up to the first degree of consanguinity will not be able to concur to this call. Neither may the members of the jury, nor the technical team directly linked to the Prize, nor their relatives to the first degree of consanguinity.



2/ Themes

The photographs must narrate or tell a story related to these topics: humanitarian action, international cooperation, social exclusion, human rights violations, armed conflicts, natural disasters, refugee and immigrant populations or socially excluded groups.

3 / Prize

A unique prize will be awarded. The winning person will receive a work grant of 6,000 euros (raw amount, the corresponding withholding will be applied depending on the nationality and the situation of the beneficiary) to make an in-depth report consisting of at least 50 photographs and how many pieces of video and / or audio it considers pertinent, around some of the lines of work of Doctors of the World, being able to be carried out in any of the countries in which the organization develops programs of humanitarian action and / or cooperation to the development.

The winner will have to present his work proposal to Médicos del Mundo in February of 2020, which will include the focus, description and objectives of the project, taking into account the mutual interests and the operational and safety conditions in the possible destinations. The proposal will be evaluated jointly with its author and once the agreement is formalized, the association and the advisory council of the Prize will provide the photographer with the due accompaniment and support for the complete development of their project.

The photographic project must conclude before November 30, 2020. And its author undertakes not to publish it by any means before the individual exhibition that will be held to present the final result in Madrid in January, 2021. This exhibition may circulate through more than one exhibition room.

The winner must not exhibit, nor publish the whole, nor parts of the project realized thanks to the scholarship without the formal consent of Doctors of the World.

The amount of the scholarship will be the maximum amount with It will cover each and every one of the expenses of the project. Once the terms of the project have been agreed, Doctors of the World will not request economic justification of these expenses that will be paid by the winner.

The scholarship will be effective in three payments: 50% after the jury’s decision, 25% at the beginning of the project and the remaining 25% at the end of the project.



4 / Tax implications

All the taxes that reflect the perception of the prize will be on account of the winner.

In conformity to current Spanish law, the competition prize will, in principle, be subject to retention of IRPF or IRNR). MdM-Spain will carry out the retention when necessary. All other tax implications involved in the awarding of the prize will be the winner’s responsibility, exempting MdM-Spain of any responsibility in the matter.



5/ Documentation

Each applicant may submit a single application to this call. The documentation must be completed in Spanish, English or French.

All requests must be sent to the email exclusively through the WeTransfer platform, as a message or as a link. If you choose the second option, in the subject of the message it should read: XXIII LUIS VALTUEÑA PRIZE + NAME AUTHOR / A.

The following documentation must be attached:

  • A photographic series of maximum ten images. At least 30% of the total of the series must have been made between January 2019 and October 2019 and not have been presented in previous editions of the Prize.
  • Photographs must be presented in digital format, such as JPEG images (* .jpg) with an average quality of 5000 pixels in the longest dimension and 72 dpi / dpi resolution, using the Adobe RGB (preferred) or sRGB color space. The weight of each file should not exceed 3 MB. Each image must have a title in the metadata / exif field of the file. The name of the author should not be included in the titles of the images or exif fields.
  • The original structure of the digital image can only be altered by dark room techniques such as brightness, contrast and color adjustments, overexposure and sub-exposure. No other change in the original digital image will be allowed.
  • Only photographs of a single frame (single frame) will be accepted. Photomontages and multiple exhibitions will be excluded from the contest. In case of doubt as to a possible digital alteration of the image outside of the permitted in the bases of this prize, the organization reserves the right to request the participants the original file of the photograph without retouching, as it was recorded by the camera, or a scanned and untreated, negative copy or slide.

In compliance with the provisions of the Organic Law 2018 on the Protection of Personal Data and its complementary regulations, Doctors of the World informs that the personal data provided with your request, including the email address, will be incorporated for your treatment to perform the actions necessary for the development of the contest; the verification that the contestants meet the requirements established in these rules to compete, and to be able to contact them if they are one of the winners in accordance with the rules of this contest. Once this purpose has been fulfilled, the personal data (full name and email) will be incorporated into a file to be included in the Doctors of the World database. New constest information will be sent for new calls for the Prize.

The data protection rules allows it to practice before the controller their rights of access, rectification, objection, deletion (“right to oblivion”), limitation of treatment, portability and no decision be individualized, by writing to Doctors of the World Spain, C / Conde de Vilches No. 15, 28028 Madrid.

6 / Deadline for participation

The deadline for the admission of the works will be 00.00 Spanish continental time since the publication of the rules and will end at 24.00 Spanish continental time on November 8, 2019.


If the request contains correctable errors, Médicos del Mundo will inform the participant so that, within one or two calendar days of said communication, it will proceed to the corresponding rectification.



7 / Judgment of the jury

The jury, made up of renowned professionals in the field of photography and photojournalism, as well as representatives of Médicos del Mundo, will meet within 45 days of the deadline for the admission of applications. After the meeting and deliberation, the following will be chosen:

  • winner of the work grant
  • and at least three finalists

All the selected works will be part of the catalog and the collective and itinerant exhibition, which Doctors of the World will promote by making known the names of their authors.

The decision of the jury will be adopted by simple majority of its members and will be unappealable, being able to declare the prizes deserted if it is estimated that none of the works submitted to the contest has an adequate level.

The jury reserves the right to choose and / or reward only one of the images contained in a series.

The jury’s decision will be communicated directly to the author or author of the photograph or winning series, as well as to the finalist authors. The communication will be made by telephone and by email, according to the information confirmed in the submission form, before December 15, 2019.



8 / Withdrawal of entries submitted

If a photographer wishes to remove his/her entry, they must lodge a request at least thirty (30) days before the closing date for submissions, that is, October 9,, 2019. This can be done via an email sent to  MdM-Spain will then arrange for the entry to be returned.

9 / Awards ceremony

The awards ceremony will be held at a public event during January or February 2020 on a date and at a time to be determined.

10 / Acceptance of the bases

By participating in the Luis Valtueña International Humanitarian Photography Competition, entrants expressly accept its conditions of entry.

Entrants accept that MdM-Spain may postpone, shorten, extend, modify, cancel or suspend the competition if necessary. This absolves MdM-Spain of all responsibility, provided it has communicated any change in an appropriate way. The winner and other finalists, in agreeing to the conditions of entry, afford MdM-Spain and its international network, the worldwide, non-exclusive right to make use of the winning entries until they revert to the public domain. Specifically, they transfer the right to reproduce, distribute, transform and publicly communicate their work, according to the following terms:

  • The right of reproduction, for the sole purpose of making billboards and press inserts following this competition – under the banner of MdM-Spain and its International Network in exhibitions, projects and campaigns; in  the exhibition catalogue and pamphlets; as well as on the MdM-Spain website, the exhibition blog and social media (Flickr, Facebook and Twitter) and in organization campaigns and actions.
  • The right of distribution, in order to circulate inserts in newspapers, magazines, catalogs, among the public and also to accompany any articles or reports in different media, always citing the author of the images.
  • The right of public communication, in the form of public exhibitions and associated venues, so as to display the winning entries and their accompanying display posters and material as mentioned, along with the possibility of third parties accessing the webpages referred to above.
  • The right of transformation, to the object of adaptation, digital manipulation by computer and reproduction in other media.
  • The right to transformation, where an image can be adapted, digitally altered or reproduced in other media.

Likewise, the authors of the prize and the authors of the selected finalist works, cede for the same period of time, geographical scope and non-exclusive nature, the rights of exploitation of derivative works based on the pre-existing work whose rights of exploitation are ceded in this act.

The authors of the prize and the authors of the selected finalist works expressly authorize Médicos del Mundo and its international network to assign these rights in favor of third parties, for the purpose of fulfilling its foundational purposes and projects in which it participates association.

Médicos del Mundo is committed to always include the name of the author in all copies of the work. In no case will the submitted photographs be returned to their authors.

The participants are responsible for compliance with the legal provisions in force in matters of intellectual property and the right to their own image, declaring responsibly that the dissemination or reproduction of the work in all communication media and supports determined by Médicos del Mundo for the own dissemination of the prize and / or of the projects and campaigns of Médicos del Mundo, will not harm or harm any right of the contestant or of third parties. For these purposes, the authors are responsible to Doctors of the World for all pecuniary charges that may arise for the same, in favor of third parties, due to actions, claims or conflicts arising from the violation of rights by the authors.

For the purposes contemplated herein, the author or author of the first prize and the authors of the selected finalist works, undertake to sign the agreements that are necessary to make the stipulated assignment effective.


11 / Doubts in translation

Any interpretative doubt of the previous bases as a consequence of the different nuances and meanings of the meanings of the words in the different languages, will be the one that keeps the highest level of coincidence with the original version of the Spanish.