A three day event showcasing the works of 16 contemporary ceramic artists from Pondicherry, Auroville and Chennai.

From 26th to 28th January, at Aliance Francaise Pondicherry – Maison Colombani, Rue Dumas, Pondicherry.

The event is an attempt to provide a platform for artists to not only display and sell their works, but also to engage in a conversation with other artists and local community at large.

The works will range from functional to sculptural using various styles, techniques and material.

List of participants:
Rakhee Kane,
Sabrina Srinivas
Puneet Brar
Supriya Menon Meneghetti
Indrani Singh Cassime
Priya Sundaravalli
Ranjita BOra
Padma Mini
Naomy Parikh
Gukan Raj
Sharanya Khandadhai
Aarti Manik
Anamika Borst
Nausheen Bari.