To celebrate the 7th International Yoga Day, AuroYajna is conducting a 6-day event to that is scheduled from 17-22 June, 2021.

Overview of Synthesis of Yoga Part 4 : Yoga Of Self Perfection by Dr. Alok Pandey

In a very simple but most effective way, Sri Aurobindo once defined Yoga in these words – “A change of consciousness is the whole meaning of the process of Yoga.”  At their most practical level, yogic practices facilitate balance and health, and thus help unfold our dormant potential.  They help us to become more aware of ourselves, of the various movements within our various parts – body, mind, emotions — and thus facilitate a greater degree of integration and connection. By this process of gradual self-awareness and self-discovery we attain greater self-mastery and become ready for a deeper self-realization.