Since March 18, UNESCO has made the World Digital Library freely accessible.
It is available on the Internet (now finally reachable!) Through the site World Digital Library project has been launched since 2009, with the aim of “promoting international and intercultural understanding, expanding the volume and variety of cultural content on the Internet, providing resources for educators, scholars and the general public, developing capacity in institutions partners to reduce the digital divide within and between countries “.

for music lovers, offer different amazing live concert from electro till jazz enjoy! The New York Metropolitan Opera is going to have * free streams *.  Each night at 7:30 pm EST a new opera will be shown and will be available for 20 hours.  The page is *

 The Berlin Philharmonic opens its home, the Philarmonie, for free, due to the coronavirus epidemic that is ravaging the planet, the Berlin Philharmonic has decided to counter this forced silence by allowing free access to its Digital Concert Hall for one month

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 In case someone is bored and does not know what to do at home, there are a whole series of initiatives underway: • The publishing house Hearst Spain offers all of its free online magazines: 10 minutes, harper’s bazaar, esquire, que me dices, elle, Cosmopolitan, mi casa, nuevo estilo, men’s / women’s health, photograms… http: // press-room / hearst-spain-offers-free-access-to-your-magazines
Spanish L • Festival I stay at home and quarantine fest: many artists through their Instagram profiles will do live shows of about 30 min as if it were a private acoustic concert.  The schedules:
Spanish L

 • You can also watch theater online, these are the available works:
Spanish L

 • Some authors, such as the cartoonist El Torres or the authors of El bosque have uploaded all their books / comics for free for those who want to enjoy them, the same has been done by your favorite author * https: //  / 1238204925550657536? S = 08,* • *

Movistar lite will be free for one month * due to the coronavirus

 • The Italian video game company runehead, has uploaded a lot of * free * keys for all its games on steam and other platforms, as they are being crossed out, there are still a few at the end  2020/03/12 / news / 1584044768_757626.html  • * The Prado Museum, the Reina Sofia and the

Thyssen offer audiovisual content and explanation of paintings through their websites for those who are interested *

 • The publisher Perrolokogames releases its dirty fridge board game in pdf for anyone who wants to print it and play

Kriti Film Club is an independent documentary screening initiative by the non-profit Kriti team. 
Starting 21st March 2020, we are recommending films to give your minds and hearts a change in these times…to entertain, to calm, to think and feel Day 1: This one to give you calm…

Day 2: These to connect you with forests (50 mins) (5 mins)

Day 3: This one to connect us across divides