Two dancers are magnetically attracted and repelled to each other, embodying the dynamic of addictive attachment and codependency, commonly categorized in modern culture as the experience of falling in love.

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  • Script and direction – Valentina Beatriz
  • Choreography and performance – Gopal Dalami and Valentina Beatriz
  • Cinematography – Hemanth Kumar
  • First assistant director – Sarine Arslanian
  • Second assistant director – Huong Pham
  • Dop assistance – Marco Bosco
  • Stage lighting – Kshitij Bath
  • Song – Alicia Keys
  • Edited by – Valentina Beatriz
  • Color grading – Hemanth Kumar
  • Produced by – Ineffable Films, Art Service

Special thanks to:
Sri Aurobindo Auditorium
To be two
Tanto Srima beach
Alessandra Silver
Serena Aurora
Livia Mikai