MAP is pleased to announce that the team at the MAP Academy has launched its first Online Course: ‘Textiles from the Indian Subcontinent.’

Presented in the form of short videos, engaging texts and quizzes, the Course is designed for anyone curious about the rich story of one of the world’s most innovative producers of textile – the Indian subcontinent. Its lessons provide insights into processes of textile production, trace their historical trajectories and examine the place of textile traditions within broader visual cultures through art forms such as paintings, drawings and photographs. 

Through this, users will:

1. Become familiar with basic terms, techniques, traditions, motifs and functions associated with textiles from the subcontinent.
2. Gain an understanding of the vast networks of trade, cultural exchange and influence tethered to the histories and development of South Asian textiles.
3. Recognise the intimate relationships the textile-making communities of artisans, who belong to centuries-long lineages, have with their work.
4. Develop a wider appreciation for the legacies of textile techniques and traditions that continue to inspire contemporary designers and visual artists. 

The Short Course is free, and requires no prior knowledge. You can enrol here today.  

As part of the MAP mailing list, we’re grateful for your continued interest in our work – we want you to be the first to know about this Course and would be delighted to receive your feedback as we work towards improving our platform and content in preparation for the MAP Academy’s public launch this April. 

Meanwhile, you can learn more about the MAP Academy here, and keep up to date with the project on their Instagram here