With a clear artistic vision and a recognition of the importance of art and cultural activities to the growth of Auroville, our main activities include:

  • Supporting events that bring together a gathering of different peoples.
  • Fostering unity between people through artistic means.
  • Nourishing individual experiments and group efforts.
  • Creating platforms for artistic research, creation, and administration
  • Actively accessing grants/funds that support the development of arts in Auroville
  • Co-ordinating financial support for artistic development among the youth of Auroville
  • Providing an online presence on this website to Auroville based artists and art projects, spaces for arts in Auroville and art events, workshops, courses etc. taking place in Auroville .

In brief, we are an umbrella under which artistic projects can be registered; a platform that provides the services that artists want/require; and a channel for funds for the development of arts in Auroville.

Auroville Art Service

aurovillearts [at] auroville.org.in

+91 413 262-3187

Sharanga, Auroville, 605101, T.N., Índia

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