Service Offering for enthusiasts of analogue photography.

We provide a scanning service for multiple types of photographic film from Film 135 to Film 120 in very high resolution. Our productivity of 400 to 1000 scans per day allows us to deliver within a few days.

We are scanning with a high resolution PhaseOne iXG 50MP digital scanner.
We are using a reprographic stand equipped with a Phase One iXG Schneider-Kreuznach 72mm RS-iXG Flat Field Repro-optics Lens and a Phase One iXG 50 MP CMOS sensor.
This system, as well as our production technics and the training of our operators, fulfil results surpassing the most popular CCD scanner on the professional market as Hasselblad or Imacon.

5 films minimum order.
For more Information: Contact Sergey, Email id:

Centre d’Art Atelier
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