Serena Aurora is an aspiring independent filmmaker with experience in many fields and aspects of the medium: from pre-production and scripting, to production filming and post-production editing, all the way to distribution and exhibition. Her specialty is cinematography, directing and editing.

Having worked in the industry for over 10 years in several roles and positions her goal now is to create documentary films. She would like to open the eyes of others as hers have been, to educate and inform in the most unbiased way possible. She says, “I have had the great opportunity to travel, which not everyone is fortunate to have. During these experiences I have learnt a great deal, which I would like to share. The creative format of film has always held me captive from a young age. Wisdom and knowledge are best shared; this is why I have chosen this path.”

Her main interest is sustainable and regenerative communal living, and she travelled around the world for many years visiting organic farms, eco-villages and intentional communities making films as gifts to help share the knowledge and to give people a voice.

Now she lives in the international township of Auroville in South India, and continues Auroras Eye Films from there, sharing about her community experience.

Email: serena_aurora AT