a 80-minute multi-disciplinary performing event at the
on February 17th 2018
19:00 pm up to 21:00 pm

On Saturday the 17th of February Between 6:15 pm to 7:00 pm the Matrimandir ‘Visitors’ Gate’ or also called the ‘Second Banyan Gate’ will lead you to the Amphitheater for a Shared event called SEAS. To voyage together with you the Seas narrative: Soul journeying through time and space described by Sri Aurobindo from his book Savitri.

As an experiment and challenge to see if we can gather in celebration together through ‘entering- into- attainment’ rather then being entertained. Allowing every one to experience the possibility of co-creating a collective space that is powerful, calm and concentrated…A participation of your being, your Soul to transcend together with us…

We request all to leave mobile phones at home or on airplane mode or even actually switched off. (We will provide emergency exits).

Also we will provide 45 minute the time for all to arrive in the Amphitheater and settle down from 6:15 pm up to 7:00 pm After which we will close the ‘Visitors’ Gate’ or also called the ‘Second Banyan Gate’.

In emergency cases of arriving after 7:00 pm assess can be granted ONLY at the MM office gate to those living in Auroville !

So, please come on time and share …


Narrates the Soul’s evolutionary journey through passages taken from the book of Savitri by Sri Aurobindo. 6 Recorded voices narrating, are layered into a musical score composed uniquely for this event by Patrick Roy. To which +/- 100 performers; Auroville artist and their student body will be Moving in various forms and disciplines of the body to create the visual narrative of the Souls participation in body and matter. Embedded with video projections made by Auroville youth draw the wider Auroville & bio region into a whole we call SEAS. Seas that stand for the oceans that our Souls journey through…Waters of our inner and outer bodies, lives, emotions, intuitions and all that manifests and becomes through it.

The event ends with a collective meditation.

All invited, spectators, audience, family, friends and loved ones are invited to collectively participate through a concentrated meditative attitude and together we will form an event of Wideness, Power, Beauty, Harmony and Knowledge brought together to celebrate the becoming of Auroville’s 50 years growth…