Science, Wisdom & Mother Earth

Sunday, November 18th / 2-6pm

at Unity Pavilion


As a city of dawn, Auroville is a birth place for new humanity. In this event, we welcome a group of international professionals as well as Aurovilian residents to share our vision and ideas about birthing the new humanity





Event’s Agenda:

2pm Welcome, introductions by all in attendance

2:30 Presentation #1 Paula Murphy presenting the Morning Star Birth Centre

3:00 Presentation #2 Allison presenting Birthing as a Transformational Journey

3:30 Sharing #3 Ulrike Urvasi: 50 years Auroville, 50 Aurovilian Birth-Stories (preview to exhibition coming up 24.11.-8.12. 2018 at Tibetan Pavilion)

Tea 4:00 to 4:30

4:30 Interview screening#4 Michelle’s Interview with Michel Odent

4:50 Activity #5 Priscilla’s Dance Movements for Labour

5:10 Birth in AV screening #6 Prem Shakti’s Birth Video

5:30 Open Conversation #7 Birthing the New Humanity led by Dr. Julie Gerland & Dr. Francis Gerland

6:30 Dinner (booking required, please contact Allison 7639318959 /

Organised and presented by

 Paula and Pricilla (Morning Star Birth Center),

Allison, Michelle, Ulrike and Prem Shakti