Samba de Roda workshop

Samba de Roda workshop lead by Luciana

Luciana was born in São Paulo, Brazil. She has been playing capoeira and dancing samba since her teenage years. Since then Luciana has performed and taught in various festivals, schools and events all over New Zealand, Fiji Islands and NYC and Brazil. Luciana is the co founder of the Brazilian Divas (NZ) and is now living in Rio de Janeiro.

She is a student of Mestre Marrom and part of the cultural dance group Recônca Rio.

* Monday 26th of January – 5PM – Bharat Nivas (SAWCHU)
* Tuesday 27th of January – 6PM – Deepanam School
* Wednesday 28th of January – 5PM – Bharat Nivas (SAWCHU)
* Thursday 29th of January – 6PM – Deepanam School
* Friday 30th of January – 5PM – Deepanam School

Sam – 9488328435

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