Ruthanne Tudball’s pottery workshop





Kala Kendra in collaboration with Aavartan Pottery will be hosting renowned ceramic artist Ruthanne Tudball for a workshop this week. The workshop is by invitation only.

Ruthanne will be presenting her work (as will a couple of other invited indian potters)

At Kala Kendra, Bharat Niwas,

On Saturday, the 17th of January, 3.30 pm onwards.

A brief note from Ruthanne’s webpage…. “Manipulating soft clay on a revolving wheel and feeling the material respond to the merest touch is like setting out on an exciting journey for me. The dialogue that goes on between the maker and the clay is carried out through the use of the pots. You pour, you eat, you store, you serve and you drink from them, and sometimes you just contemplate them. All of my work is thrown and manipulated while wet on the wheel…..

Sodium vapour glazing emphasises the marks and rhythms of making, picks out every line … When I am throwing I often picture the moving, dancing model and try to capture that imagination…. I see my work as a potter as an active participation in a way of life that is celebrating the beauty of the world around us and the intimacy of human relationships, enjoyment, caring and warmth. I try to use clay with honesty and integrity and hope people respond with their hearts.”

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