• When: March 10, 11 & 12 from 2pm to 5pm daily
  • Where: Sunlit Path

Join us for “Spiralling into Self”, a retreat offered by Giacomo Colomba and Sudha Suthanthiram at A Sunlit Path on March 10, 11 & 12 from 2pm to 5pm daily. Limited to 8 participants.

We hold space in this retreat for you to journey into the wisdom of your unconscious, having time and space to re-ignite a connection to your inner world through the language of myths, symbols and archetypes.

This retreat will guide you into the map of your psyche and facilitate the discovery of what energies need to be evoked in the here and now for your personal journey. We will be using visual arts, Jungian psychology, movement, and Integral yoga to deepen your personal processes. 

Location: A Sunlit Path, Auroville

Accommodation: available at A Sunlit Path 

To register: whatsapp 8870988843

Limited to 8 participants

Giacomo Colomba (https://www.asunlitpath.org/giacomo) is a writer and researcher on Integral Yoga, Hermeticism and Posthuman Philosophy. Sudha Suthanthiram (https://www.asunlitpath.org/sudha) is a yoga instructor and expressive arts practitioner.