Want to make a film with minimal resources? Participate in Kino Kabaret at Auroville 
Priya Menon| TNN | Oct 31, 2017
CHENNAI: People who are interested in filmmaking, that too with minimal resources, can participate in the Kino Kabaret, which is being organised by the Auroville Film Festival(AVFF) team in December. The event is being conducted as part of the fifth edition of the AVFF.
The Kino movement began in Canada in 1999, where participants would gather once every month to screen short films made using the barest of technical or financial resources. There are over 60 Kino cells across the world, and Kino Auroville is the first of its kind in India. Kino Kabarets are events where invited artists collaborate to create films.
“A Kino Kabaret is an event where filmmakers from other Kino cells across the world are invited to take part in a filmmaking challenge over either 48 or 72 hours,” says Tom Mo, co-founder of Kino Auroville and organiser of the event. “The idea is to achieve the making of a short film from scripting to shooting to editing and screening all within the allotted time. Collaboration and helping each other out is a big part of it.”
The Kino Kabaret in Auroville is open to just about anyone who dreams of making a film. While filmmakers from other Kino cells are invited to participate. However, anybody can participate. “We are open to filmmakers and actors and amateurs and invite them to come together in a spirit of fun and creativity,” says Mo. “The first Kino Kabaret was held in early September 2017 in Auroville. There were about 25 participants and a total of 11 films were made and screened.”
This time round, the Kino Kabaret will start on December 15 and conclude on December 17, a total of 50 hours. “There is no theme. However, all participants will be asked to write on three separate slips of paper one line of dialogue, one prop and one sound effect, which must appear in the film. We then randomly chose one of each,” says Mo.
Interested directors, editors, actors and others can write to kino@auroville.org.in.
“We will also create a Facebook event where participants can join. The Auroville Kino Kabaret is a completely free event to join,” says Mo, adding that they are limiting it to 50 participants.