C3: Codes, Creativity, Communities invites applications from artists, musicians, film-makers, writers, coders, and creative cultural practitioners from all fields. The program aims to build on and contribute to existing open source knowledge platforms and resources, to extend existing communities, networks, platforms, and databases with a collaborative approach, and to move towards innovation efficiently. 

C3 is developed with the basic understanding that for every collaborative project, every open-source initiative, there is already an existing network and community around it, most operational and moving forward. The program aspires to become a bridge between these different communities, and to catalyse  collaborations within these communities themselves.

While communities are spread globally and belong to diverse cultures and countries, technical language remains universal bridging all differences. Mastering such a language allows creatives to grow and to reach more people, thus furthering the reaches of the program.

During this year-long engagement that commences upon their successful selection, participants would be able to take advantage of regular meet-ups, brainstorming sessions, workshops, and impulse sessions. The structure of these meetings would be adapted to the requirements of the cohort. 

The primary aim of this program is to bring together creators from across the regions of South Asia, Tehran and Germany, to:  

  • Understand and master the (un)written rules of open knowledge and digital communities 
  • Explore and extend existing communities, networks, platforms, and databases to create active collaborations within cultural, academic, and technical spheres that are of common interest and deal with civil society
  • To work within open source to contribute to its larger ecosystem and at the same time develop locally relevant projects by using available resources, and contribute to lowering the entry barrier for new participants.

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The program would enable participants to:  

  1. Master digital tools and interact with professionals from different areas of interest 
  2. Develop ideas in small continuous steps through active networking and knowledge exchange 
  3. Explore and experiment in the true sense of its spirit without the pressure to “complete” a project as C3 defines success more in terms of progress and contribution to the field rather than the commonly encountered linear manner with a predefined “result” 


  1. A basic understanding in all three components: tech, arts, and societies. Each participant would have core expertise in one of these fields but should be familiar with the two other domains
  2. A desire to volunteer and contribute a part of their own work, under a suitable open source license 
  3. Contribute at least one personal project that is developed during the program with co-participants 
  4. Allocate approximately 30 hours of their time to attend the different sessions organised during the year 

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