Artist’s anguish at recent events that unfolded in the peaceful Community of Auroville, is expressed in the unique vocabulary of the culture of this region. Death or announcement of a demise of an individual, here, the Artist announcing his Own, is seen as a Rebirth here. An expression of Loss or Sorrow that brings healing eventually, A death that connects the artist with Infinity.

The stark black and white vocabulary with letter forms that connects artist’s calligraphy minimalist art to culturally appropriate, regional mainstream mass graphics practice of an announcement of Loss, speaks strongly against the Colorful loud language of hollowness of theme & the timing of these festivities; that when the Community is going through the toughest moments of divisions within the process of its evolution and existence!

Celebrations here are reminiscent of the Funeral procession and using an established contemporary expression to demonstrate the insensitivity of a festivity in times of distress, speaks of Artist’s understanding of Auroville and evolution of its bio region immensely where these polarities are juxtaposed in the public spaces of the township! 

Through this unique theme and aesthetics of this protest, the artist questions the flawed timing of this provocative festival through a matching language that negates the colors of the banners in the face, as well as the sensitivity of the organisers within the spiritual paradigm of Auroville.

Artist is a Calligrapher, architect, activist and a resident of Auroville, with special interest in Confrontational Art Installations on Community themes that aim to awaken the silent majority of the Community.