What is the “Play of Painting”? 

Play of Painting has been developed in Auroville schools since 2004. This collective activity (mixed age groups children and adults) is based on non-judgement, self-discovery and free expression through painting (“Arno Stern” concept). It respects the rhythms and specificities of each one, unique amongst others, beyond all competition. « The art of painting aims at the production of a piece of art. The Play of Painting gives birth to the formulation: a code which is original, coherent and universal. » See Arno Stern website to know more: https://arnostern.com/en/index.html


What is this training about?

New POP facilitators are needed in AV POP studios and this training offers an opportunity to learn facilitation with the aim to join our POP team in Auroville.

The training will consist of 2 parts: theoretical and practical.

To be able to facilitate a class of PoP in a non-judgmental and welcoming attitude, a theoretical training is needed to learn the “Creative Education” concept and the 70 signs of the Formulation according to Arno Stern. This will allow you to see paintings in a completely new way, free from evaluation and preconceived idea. This inner attitude of the facilitator is one of the fundamental condition for the Formulation to naturally arise and enhance the joy of a spontaneous self-development.

The practical training will teach you how to facilitate or “serve” during a Play of Painting session in order to allow the flow of free expression in the maximum of comfort and respect for the participants whatever their ages. The POP space and material are specific to this activity.

When and where?

The training format is of one half-day every Saturday for 11 consecutive weeks, so as to allow Aurovilians/Newcomers working during the week to follow the theory. The theory will be given by Sandrine in the morning at the Auromode conference room (opposite CSR) and will be supported by lectures, slideshows, videos and photos (based on Arno Stern books and POP session in AV), and by the occasional participation of some other facilitators sharing their experiences of POP.

Dates planned for the theoretical training:

·         August: Saturday 10, 17, 24, 31 classes from 1000 am to 1230 pm

·         September: Saturday 7, 14, 21, 28, same timings

·         October: Saturday 5, 12, 19, same timings

The practical training will be held at the Udavi School Play of Painting studio during some Saturdays afternoons–The sessions will be scheduled soon. We will keep you informed.

For whom?

Priority will be given to Aurovilians, Newcomers, and teachers & social workers from the bioregion. The training is free of charge (though all contributions welcome for POP material). No previous experience is required. Only a limited number of places are available so please register early with Sandrine by email at sandrine@auroville.org.in only if you feel enthusiastic about the training and are ready to commit for all of the 11 sessions of theory+ the practice sessions.