Pioneers of the New World

Auroville 1968-1980

I have displayed at the Town Hall a photographic exhibition documenting the lifestyle thriving on minimal material conditions of the young, enthusiastic people flocking to Auroville at its inception – along with the sense of wonder and amusement at simple, basic things of their children.

This trove of archive material has been graciously provided by the Auroville Archives, Giorgio (most square photographs are by him) and Rakhal. With the exception of Sally and occasional others, the name of the photographers is unknown, even in the case of great photography. Given their depleted condition most photographs demanded a tireless work of reconstruction. I have turned into black and white badly discoloured ones, and made monochrome some black and white photographs (otherwise irrecoverable, or to enhance their symbolic significance). As a message of continuity and hope I am adding some recent photographs I took of Matrimandir and its compound; a few are taken from the roof.

Below are the links to the first photographic albums in Picasa:

May the coming New Year elicit that spirit of self-dedication and effortless service, of generous commitment, of boundless joy and fraternal oneness that only made possible the founding of Auroville, when nothing existed but the Ideal.