Pickle Factory Dance Foundation is delighted to present our first film made in partnership with Goethe Institut / Max Mueller Bhavan Kolkata. People, Performance, Presence, and Perspectives is the second project in our CONTAGION series, and explores themes around presence, the body, crowds, space, and community.

These themes resonated through our online conversation series in September-October 2020 – CONTAGION: performance, space community – that investigated gathering spaces as a societal need, the uniqueness of the live performance experience, and possible ways forward for artists, audiences and venues to build and celebrate strong and empathetic communities.

People, Performance, Presence, and Perspectives premiered online along with a discussion between the three curators: you can watch the premiere event including the discussion and the film here – http://bit.ly/Film_Premiere

Please feel free to watch, share, and send us responses to help the ideas flow and grow!