Off-Road, comprises traditional music performers Jang Jihun, Choi Yeri and Kim Haerin, who express hope to keep at bay, feelings of fear and loneliness while traversing the vast wilderness and unfamiliar terrain, along rough and unpaved roads. They aim to create a unique musical landscape, by incorporating a variety of techniques based on traditional musical language and styles that correspond to contemporary sentiments.

Neo folk music band Badi
Badi means superlative sori (music) that a student learns and refines under the guidance of his/her teacher. The group Badi is a music band who reinterpret traditional folk music, which is considered rather difficult to understand. Since their inception, they have composed and arranged their oeuvre to present a musical vocabulary that is refreshing and unique.

  • When: Premiered on 19 Nov 2021. The performances will be accessible until Sunday, 19 December 2021.
  • Where: Online, Click Here

K-Sori, is an episodic series presented in association with Lotte Foundation, Noreum Machi and Nowpan Korea, to showcase emergent young musicians from Korea who provide a contemporary twist to traditional instrumentation and compositions. The series presents select winners of the annual Chulsapyo competition that began in 2015 in Korea to provide scholarships to high school and college students to encourage them to study gugak (traditional Korean music) and create qualitative compositions using traditional Korean instruments. The series celebrates the spitit of this initiative which aims to nurture, preserve and promote traditional Korean music amongst young musicians and a contemporary audience, both in Korea and around the world.