performerseries_feature“Performer Series”
Painting Exhibition By Mark

October 8th 2016 to October 22nd 2016

Open daily except Sunday 8am -12.00pm and 2pm – 6pm

I could only breathe the air that surrounds me and walk with the shadow that follows me. My search has become necessity not knowing what is necessary. Left… Right… West… East… Passing by all that is present, what is new that I could search? I could only breathe the air that surrounds me! For 24 years, I have walked with myself and my thoughts, constantly moving from one sight to another, seeking impressions and sharing them through my art. In my growing up years, I had always thought art is the product of imagination. I will continue to translate on to canvas my observations and, the folks and folklore that inspire me.

Pitanga Cultural Centre, Samasti, Auroville, TN 605101, India. (0413) 2622403/2622994