Surya performance Lab Auroville is creating a new show for 150th Sri Aurobindo birthday.

It’s a theatrical, choreographical, musical performance inspired by a poem by Sri Aurobindo, called: “IS THIS THE END?”
With AVI-USA, we will do an Online fundraising event live from Sri Aurobindo auditorium at 9pm on Saturday 25th of September via Zoom.
We will perform an extract of our show and we will answer your questions. 

After donation, write to us and we will send the link for the event


Please watch our video presentation for this online event, ( it is a new video):

We absolutely need your support to create this show. Much more than supporters or donors, Surya performance lab wishes to consider you as partners.

When : On the Saturday 25th of September
9pm – New Delhi
5.30pm – Paris/ Berlin
4.30pm – London
11.30am – New York
8.30am – Los Angeles
5.30pm – Johannesburg