Performing Arts Lab Auroville in collaboration with Laboratory of Evolution, Center for Human Unity & SAIIER Presents

Amorphous – A Dance X Film Project By Ronita Mookerji And Priyanshi Vasani

  • When: 7pm, 30 March 2021 (original performance 21 March postponed to 30 March)

‘Amorphous’ is exploring if beyond gender, one can reach a state of both form and formlessness and experience more freedom (free from identity and its consequent relations). 

With a dual approach of intrinsic (dancer) and extrinsic (camera) elemental representations, ‘Amorphous’ is a visual journey exploring the physicality of a female dancer when not put into the state and statute of any gender. It is seeking what is beyond gender through the paradoxical existence of form and formlessness which brings up an intermediate and transient ‘lesser form’ state. In an ‘amorphous’ state, what freedom can one experience?