Saturday 3:30 pm @ Youth Center

Come One & Come All!!

Ecuador, Chile, Hong Kong, Lebanon, Barcelona.._ Millions of people in different countries are now awakening and standing up to a system that is obsolete & has been making humanity suffer for too long

In Auroville, model city of Human Unity, we can’t be indifferent, on the contrary:  it is our mission to plant the seed for the awakening of humanity! Let us do it in a conscious, beautiful & compassionate way this Saturday!

We invite you all to come together to share, support &  celebrate this global shift in consciousness!_

3:30 pm face painting and preparation.

4:30pm  Opening reflective, awareness & intention setting circle

5 to 630 pm: Dance & parade around the crown in your most beautiful, colourful clothes

6.30 pm:  Closing circle, celebration with a bonfire, sharing, music & pizza night @ YC.

We want this to be as spontaneous as possible. We need all the musicians, all the creative people, all kinds of energies to make this happen! Come with something that you can make some music with or something that you can wave in the air, juggle etc. .

Bring your friends, bring your family, and most important: bring your light & the power of your intention to the collective to make this happen 🙂

_Spread the word & show up in support of our brothers & sisters standing up for a new world. Lots of love, light & peace!_

Also if anyone wants to help/volunteer in any way, please email:

 Priscila danenberg