Dear All,

Our next INDIA session is today, 10 the January

Topic: Oral Tradition of Sanskrit ( postponed from 13 December, due to cyclone vardah )

Anchors: Professor S. Swaminathan and Uma Swaminathan 

5 – 6:30pm at Bhavishyate, Bharat Nivas

The talk will cover:

-An overview of Sanskrit literature from the Vedic times till modern period

-Its scientific alphabet,

-the innovative methods of orally transmitting the Vedas over 5000 years using poetic meters and  modes of chanting,

-the oral tradition of Paninian grammar and metres of the classical period and its extraordinary oral  tradition.

-Chanting and singing in Sanskrit will support the presentation.

Professor Subramaniam Swaminathan taught Mechanical Engineering at IIT-Delhi for more than 30 years. His field of research later expanded to Indian music, Sanskrit, ancient Tamil literature, Tamil prosody, development of scripts, Gandhian philosophy, etc. He has recently authored books on Mahabalipuram monuments and Ajanta caves. He continues his work to spread awareness of the values of Indian wisdom and cultural heritage.

We had held an earlier session on Indian painting tradition with Professor Swaminathan on 18th October. For recording and presentations, please click on

For further reading/ information about his research, please refer to link

Hope to see you at the session,