I’m looking for an assistant to help and motivate me in different tasks.

Must be a woman who has already finished her studies here in Auroville, hasn’t too much other activities here and there as all Aurovilians, and wants to commit for the next 6 months minimum in a collaboration with me, about my Photography projects, which could become hers.

Sharing is the object of this collaboration with an assistant.
This assistant has to be motivated, curious and commited to the process of selection of the photos and to discover what and how to share them.

She has to be creative, autonomous and truly interested by my photos and the themes, I’m trying to work on.

The subjects are without order:

My most important 200 photos for 20 years of Photography.

The project of “Celebration of Sooul and Spirit Family/Tribe in Auroville.

The project of individual portraits of Aurovillians

The project of exhibition on ” Gender Equity, and Homage to the Women “

The project of Celebrating the Nature in Auroville through flowers, trees, earth, shadows, skyes, water, …

The project of Sharing, Discovering Photography with school kids through a kind of digital Pinehole camera, in fact digital spie tie camera.

The project of Portraits with Mother and Child in very similar clothing.

The project of Photowalk walks and workshops around Anegundi Hampi, Buddhist Temples, Coffee Plantations….

The basic qualities of this assistant are patience, curiosity, goodwill, good sense, humour, ability to have time to do things others than her personal life, then some aesthetic senses, some affinities with the Photography world, some ease to meet and manage peoples and the taste for Social Medias, and a commitment for 6 months minimum.

For more Information Email: fredduchamp15@gmail.com

Black and White Photography 
Color Photography