Geumgang Nature Art Biennale 2022

As a symbol of nature, forest is a place where lives are conceived and growing. Forest awakes human beings to the precious value of living together with nature. Forest provides us with endless energy and products. The fresh air, clean water, fertile soil, trees and fruits that grow in the forest, and all sorts of animals who inhabit there, naturally live together in harmony. In the beginning, it must be the peaceful world where everything was growing and flourishing based on this harmony. That must be the cosmos where everything from apex predators to subordinate invisible microorganism was complying with the laws of nature. However, the advance of human cognitive ability, natural science, and industries objectified nature and destroyed forest under the guise of forest development. As human’s desire made a mistake of going against the laws of nature, human beings faced the fatal revenge from nature in other way around. Such severe natural disasters or an unheard-of pandemic could be self-contradiction of humans who went against the laws of nature. For some reason, the bees that should spread pollen have recently vanished. This is the result of destroying the ecosystem. In the ecosystem, all the lives form their own balance and homeostasis in the process of being born, growing, and extincting. This process does not just mean simple changes in physical aspect. There is a death in a birth while a new life dwells in an extinction. Forest has the water, air, and soil that vitalize every life, so it not only gives a life to human, but also heals, comforts, and shelters exhausted humans. It is so natural that we forget its value. If a single little movement is stopped, lost, or artificially manipulated, a massive hardship would be caused in human life.

The Geumgang Nature Art Biennale has broadened the horizons of nature art by handling various discourses on nature and ecology. The theme of this year is ‘rewilding’, which begins from a thought of cognizing nature again as the wild state. Beyond the passive and artificial attitude of handling nature as an object of protection or management, it aims to experience the sound of nature as it is and also to dream of its recovery. It would be necessary to look back on our attitude of invading and locking up nature based on our limited thinking. The destroyed forest for building a dam in a river for the smooth supply of water for agriculture, and installing the photovoltaic power generation system for the reduction of carbon emission, ciceronically tells us our mistake. It takes an unbelievably long

The tasks we have might include discovering lives from nature we destroyed, finding some unexpected sounds or figures of lives in nature, harmonizing with nature based on them, inviting the lives who left the forest because of human’s desire, and helping the forest conceive new and healthy lives. Such tasks could just end up in an ideological flow, but we can simply start participating in dialogues with nature by thinking and experiencing after stopping for a moment in the complex and busy reality. Under this purpose, the theme of the Video Exhibition is ‘Forest and Life’. Hopefully, this could be a chance to expand the discourse of rewilding through video languages to find, experience, and share various secret stories of healthy lives in forest ecology and nature.

The submitted video works must meet only some practical criteria: – Videos that correspond the theme ‘Forest and Life’
– Running time should be less than 1 minute (60 seconds)

■ Exhibition Theme : “Forest and Life”
■ Exhibition Period : August 27 – November 30, 2022
■ Exhibition Venue : Supsokmaru in Yeonmisan Nature Art Park and others ■ Exhibition Details

– The selected works will be presented by TV monitors in the Yeonmisan Nature Art Park during the exhibition period. Regarding the condition of the site, several works could be played one after another on a monitor.

■ Submission Deadline : June 30, 2022 ■ Submission Materials

1. Application form (specified)
2. Still Image of Video File (over 2MB) : for PR materials 3. CV & Portfolio (less than 10MB)
4. Video Work (File)

– Running Time : less than 1 minute (60 seconds)
– Number of Video : Maximum 3 works
– Video Format and Size : MP4(H.264) / less than 500MB
– Video Resolutions : at least 1920×1080 pixels or more
– After screening, the video files that are not selected will be discarded.

※ We will send a confirmation email after submission. If there is no response within a week after your application, please contact us.

■ Announcement of Selection : July 15, 2022 (Individual Announcement)
■ Hosted by : Gongju City
■ Organized by : Korean Nature Artists’ Association – YATOO
■ Supported by : Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, Chungcheongnam-do ■ Inquiry

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