KolamYoga launching Learning Video
Introduction Video https://youtu.be/IErbDiGJVTA

1st learning Video Now available at www.kolamyoga.com

Basic Training
You will learn the basic rules for the three major types of Kolam: Paddi, KoduPulli, and Sikku/Nelly and/or Kambi Kolam. It will allow you to be able to make various types of Kolam at a deeper level of understanding their structures and workings.
Know how to create small and large scale Kolam patterns.
With this training you can already become a Kolam practitioner!

Every upcoming week uploading the following video modules:
Paddi Kolam:
1, Threshold Guardians; Snakes and Ganesha AVAILABLE NOW!
2, Temple, Gopuram and Kulam
3, Different Paddi Kolam types
4, Sun Disc/ Swasti-Suvastika Kolam

Kodu Pulli Kolam:
1. Ner Kodu Pulli in form and shape
2, Bi- lateral, four- fold symmetry..
3, Iddiku Kodu Pulli in form and shape
4, Six- fold and more symmetry

Sikku/Nelly/ Kambi Kolam:
1, Ner Pulli
2, Weaving, and braiding
3, Iddiku Pulli
4, Knotting and looping

Receiving a Certificate when having completed all 12 videos with assignments!

Grace says;
“I have an unquenchable thirst to learn and grasp what we are made of and how we are in the becoming. Cultural variations and their similarities inspire me. All expressions of human behavior and of other living forms on Earth fascinate me, in particular their sound structures and how these characterize into form and shape.

I have dedicated myself to ongoing research of the sacred ancient symbolism of the non-verbal, ephemeral language in images of the Kolam.

My work is layered and filled with its symbolism that speaks of us as being ‘One’.

Aspiring to reconnect with an intention and purpose, ‘like diversity in Human Unity.’

I seek for beauty and harmony through a repeated act of gestures, rhythms, forms and light patterns, that enables me to feel larger than myself and more connected with my environment and allows every individual I encounter to become like mirrors reflecting within me.

I work with all nationalities and their cultures, all age groups, and encourage each individual to express themselves through their authenticity.

To share more the Kolam language; a true ‘Integral Yoga’ of all the senses, carried out as a daily practice, like an offering of gratitude for the already receptive attitude in the many beautiful people I encounter.”