Art is Life: New Beginnings is just 4 days away! Come join us as we celebrate the opening of MAP with a week-long schedule of events dedicated to celebrating art and the community, and exploring new relationships through collaborations and art discourse.  

Art is Life: New Beginnings is our new chapter as an institution which will finally see us interacting with art and each other in person.

You can spend your day at the museum exploring our collection through the different opening exhibitions, installations and digital experiences. We have also curated a range of talks, performances, workshops and screenings for you at the museum through the week.

For those of you who will be unable to join us in person, we have a special film coming up to mark the opening, and to offer curated content for our digital audiences. Here’s a short trailer of Digital Art is Life, coming soon for all of you. Tune in to our website on 18th February at 6pm to watch the film.