Olivier Barot


Olivier settled in Auroville in 1991. As a photographer, he became fascinated by the bewildering diversity of India, altogether wild and sophisticated, as well as by its splendid architecture.

He then intended to show the Indian spirituality in its ambiguous religious and common sense: landscapes at dawn, medieval temples but also portraits of saddhus or pilgrims wandering in these secret lands.


e-mail: olivierbarot [at] auroville.org.in
address: Revelation, Auroville
tel: (91) 0413 2623 746


1 thought on “Olivier Barot

  1. These photos are part of the ongoing exhibition “India, Land of Light” presented at:
    Kalinka Art Gallery
    14, Bazar Saint Laurent Street (first left after Hotel de l’Orient), Pondicherry 605 101
    Tel: 709 49 56 976 – kalinkapondy@gmail.com
    from August 4 to October 4 – Tuesday to Sunday – 10 am to 8 pm

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