Odissi Dance performance – Pancha Bhuta

PANCHABHUTA We are born out of them, surrounded by them and we return to the five elements. When these elements are in harmony within us, man enjoys life.

Dance Choreography : Devasmita Patnaik and Lingaraj Pradhan

EARTH – Prithvi / Gandharupa – all the five senses enhanced by the existence of this earth – We can hear the sound, touch things, we can see forms, taste the elixir of fruits, and smell the exquisite perfume of various flowers, plants and herbs.

WATER – Apas / Rasarupa – Eternal in the shape of Atom. Perishable as pond, river or sea. Water’s ability to dissolve substances, helps keep the planet healthy.

FIRE – Tejas/Vaayuranih – purifier. It is the 8th guardians according to the Veda & Upanishad, who guards all the directions. It brought nourishment to the world. One can hear its crackling sound, touch it and see its beautiful dancing forms.

WIND – Vaayu / Sparsharupa – Life force. Without air man perishes. When life prana is in harmony, man is healthy in body & mind and feels the joy of living.

ETHER – AKAASHA / Shabdarupa. Infinite space and void in the sky. All sound because of the existence of this ether. AUM, the eternal primordial sound came out of this ether.