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As a small publisher we find ourselves in a world dominated by large technology companies that have private profit as their guiding interest. These corporations wear an image of goodwill, noble intent and lofty principles – and this is regularly contradicted by their actions. It’s important for us to be aware of the actions of technology companies, and to act so as to remain self-contained and self-reliant.The action being taken by Prisma Books is to adopt open standards and open-source technologies in publishing in the form of the “Web Book” format. By investing in this kind of R&D as a progressive alternative to proprietary e-books, we hope to remain independent so that we can freely narrate the story of Auroville as we have been since 1988. We also wish to bring to Auroville contemporary and radical methods of publishing made possible by positive and resilient technologies.

Read our Web Books – books.prisma.haus/en/web-books

The creation, research and development of this platform is part of the ongoing work of Prisma Design, and you can read more about the broader efforts here – design.prisma.haus/en/digital-sovereignty 

Offering Books on Gift Economy Prisma Books is now offering books on a on a Gift-Economy and Pay-What-Feels-Right basis. We invite readers of these books to give what feels right for the value they receive from the book. Having been a niche publisher for many years, we found ourselves at cross-roads in midst of the lockdown in 2020. The circumstances we found ourselves in were unprecedented, and we knew for certain that we needed to re-invent ourselves. We have therefore taken this as a creative challenge and brought in something new. Rather than recoil to self-preserve, we have chosen to expand into trust-based economic models. Publishing in this manner is an experiment in abundance – where we trust that when we give, we will also receive.Read our books on gift economy – books.prisma.haus/en/books-on-gift-economy 

Launching Memories of Auroville Prisma Books is happy to announce the launch of the book Memories of Auroville. Authored by Janet Fearn, this book is about the very early days of Auroville based on interviews made in 1997 with Aurovilians who lived here between 1968 and 1973. Memories of Auroville is the first book in Auroville to be published as a “Web Book”. The author and the publisher have also chosen to offer the book online on a Gift-Economy and Pay-What-Feels-Right basis. The print version of the book will be available for purchase later in the year.

Read Memories of Auroville – www.memoriesofauroville.com

Oh in case you haven’t noticed, Prisma Books now has a full-fledged Web Shop built with our own few hands. Please pick or gift books made with dedication by our small team and let us know how the online shopping experience has been for you! We ship worldwide and accept digital and card payment methods.Wishing you an immunity surge brought upon by Auroville dreamers and forerunners!

The new Prisma Design team