future: Eternal Forest online event
On Wednesday, January 5, 2021, Ever Slow Green is being streamed live during an online event organised by the Eternal Forest project. Following the film Eternal Forest founder Evgenia Emets will speak with Natasha Storey and myself about reforestation in Auroville, India.
The event starts at 4 pm GMT (so e.g. in Los Angeles it starts at 8 am, in New York at 11 am, in Berlin at 5 pm, in India at 9.30 pm, etc.).
To participate please follow this link and purchase a ticket by making any donation of choice. Your donations are equally split between all the participants and the organiser, the money goes directly back into the projects, including Eternal Forest.
past: wonderful experience in Slemani
I had an incredibly wonderful time at the Slemani International Film Festival. I was welcomed and hosted with outstanding hospitality, I walked a red carpet for the first time in my life, had an inspiring interaction at the discussion panel about environmental awareness and made many new friends from Kurdistan and all over the world.
Thank you very very much, zor zor swpas (some of the few Kurdish words I learnt), dear SIFF team!
After the festival I stayed in Sulaymaniyah for another week and made even more wonderful friends and visited beautiful places in and around the city. See some impressions on my personal instagram: www.instagram.com/brainfever
now: Auroville still needs your support.
The unprecedented crisis in Auroville is still running high. If you haven’t done yet please inform yourself on this website:
and sign and share this petition:

May 2022 be the year for Auroville to really take a leap into the future and become the city the earth needs!

That’s a wrap for Ever Slow Green newsletter #14.

Best wishes for 2022 to all of you!