Dear Friends of SvaramThe sentence of Sri Aurobindo  that “Man is a transitional being; he is not final” strikes  presently a deeper chord in-midst the global crises and this challenging transition to a very much needed, more fair and just economic and environmentally sustainable and more healthy life style for humanity as a whole.

 In SVARAM we feel fortunate, in-spite of the strong limitations and challenges of the lockdown measures, that we are informed and surrounded by the inspiring presence of harmonious sounds and creative works in the crafts and arts and their potential for transformation of self and society. 

Our artisans took the chance of reconnecting to their local heritage and cultural save-guards of communal coherence and support systems and original life style and preventive healthcare.

While we are strongly challenged with a complete fall out of local and retail sales, the enforced ‘retreat’ proves fruitful in re-alignment, new organisation and a very creative momentum with innovations.

I hope that you can take some extra time and browse through our positive and surely enriching news and touch the joy which we experience daily working with ‘the magic of sound’.

– Aurelio
WE HAVE A NEW WEBSITEIt’s been quiet an adventure getting our new website together as it went parallel with the lockdown/retreat time and gave us an opportunity to look and readjust our organizational organism and systemic structures through new priorities and necessary shifts in our work and outlook.

We trust that you’ll like the new look and clarity of what we do and offer and that you can navigate easily through all the chapters and fields of our sound work.
5 Elements Sounds
This brochure brings together a comprehensive integration of our instruments used in sound healing modalities on the foundation of the 5 Element matrix used in the traditional healing work of Ayurveda. 
Orbits – Planetary Frequencies Aurelio recaptured the work on the planetary frequencies and Kepler studies and as a result of months of trials and errors and design and minute craft work we are thrilled to be able to now offer a complete novel iteration of these intentional frequencies in our “ORBITS”.

New MarimbaGnanavel and team worked on a commission for a 3 Octave professional Marimba in Padak wood with overtone tuned bars. This might be one of the very first Concert Marimbas built in India and we are proud that it graces now the studio of an accomplished Handpan player in Bangalore. Looking forward for the first recordings!
Sonic StonesThese revolutionary new instruments, appearing and resounding in the acoustic experience of human civilization represent a rare and unheard of sonic phenomena. The powerful resonance and unique sonority of the Sound Stones immediately touch the surprised listener and evoke an atmosphere of another time and space.
We have now received the full Design Report by BV Doshi and his Sangath office and are enthusiastic about the concept of the ‘sound village’ which shall be an exploratory space for all aspects of our work: the craft, design and innovations, the healing arts and programs, and the applied research in the physio-psycho-socio-eco-spiritual effects of sound.

Working now with a deadline at the end of november for the detailed work plans, quantities and budget we are also preparing the curricula structure and content, and are still looking for more support and partners to manifest the global hub/center of cutting edge sound work. Any contact, hint and collaboration offers are welcome – do join in into the adventure of the emerging future! 
Educational Instruments
The artisan team and designers had great fun putting our educational instruments together in two box sets of full cupboards – ‘Primary’ and ‘Secondary’ –  and are happy to be able to present these for educational institutions
Thank you Ralf!You can still find him on our new website: Ralf, our PR Manager, will be resettling in Europe after 3 years in Auroville and 2 years with us. He inspired the marketing team to work hard on more detailed brochures, the new website and specialized instruments like the Plate Bells and Sonic Stones, of which we also have a narrative clip on the website. 
WORLD LISTENING DAYAmidst the pandemic panic and challenging times, the SVARAM team – we are around 50 now –  gathered on the occasion of the World Listening 18th July  exploring this year’s theme of “The Collective”.Animating us into a sonic dramatisation of collective stories from the global situation.
While Marko, our newcomer film editor from Croatia, has been working on diverse film clips – do see the one on the Sonic Stones – and set up the studio for live webinars and broadcasts which we shared over the last months, Varun and Anushka had been working on a very interesting, comissioned production on “Music, Emotion and Transformation”. We have also collaborated with Sunshine Studio on recordings of “Savitri Solar Songs”, which should be released before the end of the year. The ‘Navarasa’ soundscape-compositions are also in the finalizing mastering process and can be expected over the coming months. 

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Musical Ganesh
We feel blessed to be now in the company of our special 5 Musical Ganesha’s representing all the instrument families. This project of bio-sensor randomized sound could be accomplished through the mentorship of Hans, our ‘Stonewhistle’ master from the Netherlands and the skills of a traditional local terracotta/potter family.
Aurelio and the SVARAM Team