• When: 7pm at 6 July 2022
  • Where: Unity Pavilion

Mir Mukhtiyar Ali spells magic in the field of Sufi music. Hailing
from a small village in the Bikaner District of Rajasthan. Mir
Mukhtiyar Ali trained under his father as a young boy. His genius
was evident even as a child and soon his music blossomed.
Mukhtivar Ali has a voice which can only be experienced. He has
preserved the ideology of Sufiana music which impels divine
communion with an ecstasy created in total detachment. and the
cornplex octaves of classical tradition merge to give the listener an
unforgettable experience. He belongs to semi-nomadic community
of Mirasis, to the 26″ generation of this community which has
successfully kept alive the oral tradition Sufiana Qalam.