Arion is a Finnish metal band formed in 2011 and lead by guitarist livo Kaipainen.

WHERE THE OCEAN GREETS THE SKY is the only instrumental on Arion’s latest album, VULTURES DIE ALONE, which was released in April 2021. Arion is known for their intricate musicianship, elegant yet powerful melodies, and soaring vocals. The mastermind behind their melodic metal formula is their guitarist livo Kaipainen. Because this track is an instrumental, livo’s compositional genius and masterful guitar playing is front and center.

“The longest track on the album is WHERE THE OCEAN GREETS THE SKY,which starts off with a strumming guitar and deep, mellow, beautiful bass melodies that add a lot of depth and atmosphere to this track. After that, keyboard melodies start to take over, adding a folky element that progresses along nicely and… turns out to be an enchanting instrumental power metal track that draws you in from the first minute until the very last dynamic push, wherein all the musicians are able to take a bit of time to shine.” Laureline Tilkin

“It isn’t very metal, instead featuring many softer parts with very light guitar work and atmospheric keys, but it stays engaging throughout, and has a few particularly beautiful moments in the middle and second half, with the guitar solo especially being the absolute best I’ve heard from the band. Overall, it’s an excellent instrumental.” Travis Green 

“Similarly, WHERE OCEAN GREETS THE SKY is a colossal, melodramatic power ballad with woozy, tripped-out undertones: more revelation than curveball, it’s the Finnish quintet’s most powerful moment to date.”

Listen to the track here

Submitted to AVArtS by Prashant Srinivasan Sarkar